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Every weekend should be giving weekend

We wanted to Make it easy to give back without it being a burden. Our goal is to help local nonprofits—such as schools, sports teams, community groups and other charitable organizations—generate revenue to support their missions. Our easy to use platform allows you to organize a sale, promote it via our websites & mobile apps, accept payments, and disburse the funds as you see fit.

Why Donate using

Our goal is to make your Garage Selling experience more profitable & easier, and along the way give back to the community. We make it easy for you to donate to your favorite cause and the ease of use makes it perfect for community campaigns.


We know that there are 174.K Registered garage sales every weekend. The average weekly revenue from Garage Sales are 88 Million with each Garage sales average revenue being  $750.00 Are giving goal for 2022 is $25 million with future years. 

To give all charities a chance to have a Giving Weekend of their own